Posted by: Kay at Suicyte | May 7, 2007

Suicyte – the beginning

Hello Everybody out there !

These are my first humble steps into the blogiverse. As the title implies, this blog will deal with the biosciences in general, in particular those areas that I find most interesting: bioinformatics, biochemistry, molecular genetics and cell biology.

First, let me say a few things about myself: I am a quite unremarkable scientist (physical chemist-turned biochemist-turned bioinformatician), who once thought that science would make me famous and rich – or at least famous. Now that this didn’t work out, I thought I could at least start a blog.

My interests have always been on the darker side of biology, i.e. I never cared much about transcription, translation and all this stuff that other biologists think is exciting. Instead, I want to learn how nature breaks things. This includes the intricate mechanisms used by the cell to get rid of proteins (the ubiquitin-proteasome system) and the mechanisms used by organisms to get rid of cells in an orderly fashion (apoptosis). Being a bioinformatician, my take on these issues is necessarily a bioinformatical one.

So, what is this blog going to contain? To be honest, I am not quite sure yet. You should expect a random selection of the following:

  • occasional remarks about developments I find interesting
  • some opinion pieces on how i think nature works (or should work),
  • some predictions on what areas in the bioscience are going to be big
  • some controversial pieces in the category ‘me against the rest of the world’

I still don’t have a very good idea how blogging works. If I manage to find out, you might also expect to of the customary crossreferencing to other people’s blogs. And, finally, if this whole business turns out to be a lot of work without any fun, this blog will disappear quietly. We will see.

…. ok, now I am going to press ‘save’, and then lets have a look what my first blog post ever will look like….



  1. Well, now I start talking to myself. Silly. This is just to see how the comments are supposed to work. Please ignore it. [sui]

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere. Your scientific background is similar to mine. Great start too. Some great posts.

    Love the blogroll 🙂

  3. Welcome to the “neighborhood” 🙂

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