Posted by: Kay at Suicyte | September 20, 2007

EMBO conference on ubiquitin

The next week, I will be out of office, while attending the EMBO conference on “Ubiquitin and Ubiquitin-like modifiers in cellular regulation“. I am very much looking forward to this conference, as the program has an exciting line-up of ubiquitin and proteasome researchers. As the meeting takes place at (supposedly) beautiful Riva del Garda, I am optimistic that I can use the spare time (should there be any) for taking some pictures. This meeting has already cast its shadow backwards in time, as I had to spend all of my free time preparing some slides for my talk, rather than for writing blog postings.

Judging by the very modest general interest in my ubiquitin-related blog posts, I assume that there is no point in covering the meeting in this blog. Should I hear something particularly exciting, I will let you know. First, however, I have to think of exciting things to do at Verona airport, as my flight arrives early afternoon in Verona, while the shuttle bus to the conference site won’t leave before 11 pm. Strange time for a shuttle bus, if you ask me.



  1. I won’t be at the conference, but I’m interested in hearing what happens there — I will probably get updates from several sources, but would be interested in your perspective once you get back.

    Have a good trip.

  2. a modest suggestion for spending your time waiting for the shuttle bus: take the airport bus to the city centre [iirc 30minutes or so] and visit the arena ( and the romeo & juliet houses (

  3. This is exactly what I did (the arena). Bus prices are silly; 8km from the airport to the city cost about as much as 90 km from Verona to Riva del Garda.
    Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Kay please blog (with the nice pictures of Riva del Garda) about the conference 🙂
    Wish you a happy journey.

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