Posted by: Kay at Suicyte | September 28, 2007

Back from Riva del Garda

I am back from the EMBO conference in Italy. This have been four very intensive days. The pace of the meeting itself was rather relaxed, with plenty of time for coffee breaks and meals. There were something like 200 participants overall, most of them presenting a talk or a poster. As everyone was staying at the conference hotel, there was enough opportunity to talk to a lot of people, including some who wouldn’t normally talk with someone like me (e.g. senior editors of Nature and Cell)

As I had expected, the setting was very pleasant, and so was the weather, except maybe for the last day. It was soon decided to move most of the poster session outdoors (and next to the bar). Maybe as a direct consequence, this was one of the very few meetings I have attended where even some of the big shots in the field could be seen looking at posters. I wish this would happen more frequently! I am a little bit too tired to get deep into real science, but for starters here are a few pictures:

Riva, viewed from a hill Lake Garda Riva at night
Riva church square Poster session Michael Glickman explaining the proteasome to Markus Groettrup

Upper left: Riva viewed from above. There is a tower ruin on a nearby hill, which we walked to on our free afternoon. Upper middle: Lake Garda viewed from Riva. The lakefront in Riva is mostly park-like and is a favorite destination for senior citizens (and the occasional senior scientist). Upper right: Riva lakeside also has a castle (now a museum) with a moat connected to the lake. Lower left: Riva church square in the evening. You cannot see the church, but one of the old town gates. Lower middle: Outdoor poster session. Jürgen Dohmen and Mark Hochstrasser exchange MIT memories, while on the right, Simon Hör explains the similarities between viral and cellular TM-RING ligases. Lower right: Michael Glickman explains to Marcus Groettrup what the proteasome really looks like (.. it’s about this big). From my vantage point, it is not visible if Marion Schmidt and Cordula Enenkel agree.


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