Posted by: Kay at Suicyte | November 14, 2007

How people get here (Mystery in Vienna)

Unlike some other blogs that I read regularly and which have quite a long tradition (happy 4th anniversary, Pedro!), my own blog is fairly new and I still feel like a newbie in the blogospere. From time to time, I discover a new feature (new to me, that is) in the wordpress site hosting my humble blog, and I continue to be amazed by the general weirdness of blogging.

I am already fairly familiar with the site access statistics, although I don’t understand some of the data I see. One obvious conclusion from analyzing this data is that most people read my blog at work, as there are hardly any page hits during the weekend. This is contrary to my expectations, but maybe not too surprising. I have no idea why there is a strong peak in page hits once per week, typically on thursdays. Maybe this is when the spiders come?

One recently discovered feature is the list of search engine terms that brought people to my site. I expected terms like “ubiquitin”, “proteasome”, “apoptosis” or “bioinformatics”. What I find instead is really amazing. Not only do I have problems understanding why these terms should lead to Suicyte Notes; in many cases I don”t even understand why anybody would search for these terms in the first place. Here are some of my favorites:

  • complicated ubiquitin (I know, it is not that simple)
  • ubiquitin complicated (yeah, works both ways)
  • Why proteins are interesting (good question)
  • Family Members that suck (why are you thinking of me?)
  • the numb scientist (ditto)
  • mystery in vienna (The Third Blog)
  • i am back text (??)
  • strange research topics (yes, that”s me)
  • funding of bioterrorism research 2007 (not my cup of tea)
  • famous journal on bioinformatics
  • how to make a fool of yourself (I know why this links here, I am an expert)
  • reverse translatase (has always been my holy grail)


  1. You’re lucky. I found out that the google search term used most frequently to get to by SaaienTist blog (about bioinformatics and stuff) is “big tist”… Yes, that’s number one. Followed by more probable searches about bioinformatics and programming. But at nr 6, there’s “big tist at work” again…

  2. ah the long tail :). I think it is very hard to get on the first page of Google search for terms like bioinformatics or any of those terms you mention. I suspect that staying on a few topics for a longer time eventually increases the chances of getting listed on the front page.

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