Posted by: Kay at Suicyte | February 22, 2008

Drug Targets in the Ubiquitin Proteasome system (conference)

Just a brief announcement: On March 11-12 2008, there will be a conference on drug targets in the UPS taking place in Berlin, Germany. Judging by the topic and the organizer (Informa) it is safe to assume that the conference will mainly cater for scientists in pharma and biotech companies. As you know from my previous post, industry people are swimming in money, and thus the conference fee is a bit on the expensive side.

As there isn’t much UPS industry in Europe, the invited speakers are mainly from the US. Amongst others, there will be presentations from Genentech (Peter Jackson), Millennium (Joseph Bolen), Roche (Lyubomir Vassilev), Novartis (Martin Renatus), Merck (Nathan Bays), Bayer Schering (Bernard Haendler), Progenra (Ben Nicholson), LifeSensors (Tauseef Butt), Hybrigenics (Laurent Daviet) and Nereus (Michael Palladino), so there are some interesting talks to look forward to. Ah yes, and they invited yours truly, supposedly as some kind of counterweight. If I read the program correctly, my talk will take place during dinner, which will probably help the audience to survive 40min of ubiquitin bioinformatics. There will also be a few presentations from academia, amongst others Alfred Goldberg (Harvard), Huib Ovaa (NKI Amsterdam) and Martin Scheffner (Konstanz).

Just in case you wonder: No, I don’t get paid for advertising this conference. It is just that – working in the biotech industry myself – I like the idea to have a conference on the drug target aspects of the UPS, especially here in Europe. It is a pity that the meeting is that expensive, but this probably explains why the conference is still not fully booked.



  1. Hey I saw you mentioned ubiquitin so I thought you might be interested in Science’s current webinar:
    The Ubiquitin-Proteasome Pathway

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