Posted by: Kay at Suicyte | February 26, 2008

Reader, oh reader, where art thou ?

Seems I have neglected this blog for too long and you, my dear audience, have turned to greener pastures. Well, this calls for some drastic action. You have been warned 🙂



  1. It’s the First Annual Suicyte Swimsuit Edition!

  2. Oh look, there’s a reader! Where is the other one? Don’t be shy!

  3. Right here! 😉

  4. I’m here too. I mean, Google Reader makes it so easy to follow intermittent blogs — there’s no reason not to load up on subscriptions.

  5. Like Jonathan says, we’re all still here – it’s just that you haven’t been in our feed readers!

  6. yeap, ditto 🙂

  7. lurkers 4 suicyte ’08

  8. I know what the problem is. My regular postings are too long! This two-liner has in just one day attracted more views than my last 4 postings in weeks, all combined.

    Anyway, brace yourselves for new groundbreaking discoveries from my friends over at the Suicytal Advanced Reseach & Technology Labs.

  9. readers += 1

  10. Greener pastures… hmm… did you check out (courtesy slashdot).

  11. 10 BEGIN
    20 LET $readers = $readers + 1
    30 END

    (Yes, that is approximately the extent of my l33t programming skillz.)

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