Posted by: Kay at Suicyte | April 10, 2008

Science does a webcast on ubiquitin/proteasome drug discovery

Yesterday, I have received two ads – disguised as blog-comments – from Walter Jones, apparently the AAAS expert for viral marketing. While one copy would have probably done the job as well, the topic was interesting and pertinent to my blog. Thus, I am willing to assist the AAAS and make their announcement known to a wider audience: my blog readers. Both of them.

In their Webinar series, Science Magazine will offer on May 1, 2008 a webinar entitled “The Ubiquitin-Proteasome Pathway: Targets for Disease Treatment and New Tools for Discovery“.

This topic is very similar to that of a conference I have attended recently. There doesn’t seem to be an overlap of speakers, though. As the announcement says, there will be three speakers: Alfred Goldberg from Harvard Medical School (who had also been announced for the Berlin meeting but did not show up), Barry Schweitzer from Invitrogen (the company sponsors the webinar and apparently hopes to sell more of their protein arrays), and Paul Andrews from Amgen. The whole thing will be moderated by Sean Sanders from the AAAS.

Tackling the UPS for drug discovery is an interesting, but also rather difficult area, and I am not yet convinced that will see any UPS-targeted drug within the next decades. Anyway, the topic is close to what I am working on, and I wil probably attend…. if it works for me. The technical provider of the webcast ( offers a page to test your system for webcast capabilities, and mine failed on several counts. For once, the report says that my operating system “fails”. They do not appear to like linux but recommend “Windows XP SP2 or Mac OS X 10.4” instead. In addition, our company’s leased line “does not meet the Minimum Bandwidth Requirement for viewing this content”, hmm.

Anyway, I will try getting it to work anyway.


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