Posted by: Kay at Suicyte | December 21, 2008

Ubiquitin on Lake Garda, reloaded

Hardcore readers of this blog might remember my reports on the EMBO conference “Ubiquitin and Ubiquitin-like modifiers in cellular regulation” in September 2007 in Riva del Garda. See e.g. here, here, and most scientifically here. As I wrote before, this was one of the best conferences I have been to so far, with an excellent scientific content, great atmosphere, and a beautiful setting.

I have just been informed that there will be 2nd such conference in September 2009, at the same venue in Riva del Garda. The 2009 title will be “Ubiquitin and Ubiquitin-like modifiers in health and disease“.

Again, the organizers (mainly the Rubicon folks) have assembled a very promising line-up of invited speakers,  including Aaron Ciechanover, Allan D’Andrea, Allan Weissman, Brenda Schulman, Chris Lima, Dan Finley, Frauke Melchior, Helle Ulrich, Heran Darwin, Hermann Schindelin, Ivan Dikic, Jeff Brodsky, Keiji Tanaka, Maria Masucci, Mark Hochstrasser, Matthias Peter, Michael Rape, Michele Pagano, MikeTyers, Paolo di Fiore, Ray Deshaies, Ron Kopito, Simona Polo, Stefan Jentsch, Sylvie Urbe, Wade Harper and Yosef Yarden. This is clearly going to be exciting.

Judging by the presence of Heran Darwin and Hermann Schindelin, the ubiquitin-like modifiers will this time also include their prokaryotic counterparts, including the mysterious Pup pathway in mycobacteria. Compared to 2007, there is another advantage for the prospective 2009 audience: this time you won’t have to sit through 30 min of ubiquitin bioinformatics. It looks like the organizers have learned their lessons and didn’t invite me any more. It is possible, though, that Matthias Peter is going to talk about our most recent collaborative project, which is going to hit the (scientific) tabloid press in January 2009. This one has bacteria in it, too.

Anyway, this is going to be an excellent opportunitly to learn what is going on in the ubiquitin field – especially if you are based in Europe.



  1. Hey Dr Kay,
    indeed it was a lovely meeting and as a hardcore reader of your posts I remember well your descriptions. They may not have invited you this time but you are behind half, if not more, of the projects of this field so this is just being fair !! Here in Paris the ground is actually shaking after your collaborative paper on Urm1. Congrats !

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